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Teaching & Outreach

'Source to Sink' Webinar

On March 3rd 2022, I had the pleasure to present my research at the 'Source to Sink' webinar series to hydrologists, geomorphologists, and sedimentologists around the world. The webinar series features talks on landscapes, rivers, deltas, marine waters, sediment fluxes, and resulting morphology. And, since my talk, also microplastics! My talk was entitled 'Diverse microplastics and where to find them - Learning from natural sediment to tackle microplastic challenges' and you can rewatch this short introduction on microplastics and their transport behaviour on youtube.

Worlds End South Africa
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Shooting with Quarks & Co.

In 2019, I was invited by the German TV show Quarks & Co. to talk a little bit about my research and to look for microplastics at the bottom of the Rhine. We used a diving bell ship called Carl Straat (owned by Wasserschifffahrtsverwaltung) and were able to walk on the river ground. This was an amazing experience! See the clip here!

Speaker of scholarship holders at DBU

During my PhD, I was elected to act as a speaker for the other scholarship holders at the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). Among the tasks were communication between scholarship holders and the funding agency, organization and participation in the speaker meetings and joining the selection interviews of the new scholarship candidates. If you are looking for funding for you PhD in Germany, have a look at the DBU homepage

Image by Jessica Sysengrath
Teaching & Outreach: News & Resources
Audiovisual Conference

Web-Seminar with over 100 participants on 'Plastics in the environment'

During the pandemic, the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management (RWTH Aachen) and I organized a web-based seminar on the topic of 'Plastics in the environment'. The participants were interested professionals and students. I like to participate in such events, because I think that plastic pollution is everybody's business!

Lectures at schools and for the public

Occasionally I am also invited by schools and other organisations to talk a little about plastic in the environment and the current state of research.  Such appointments always bring me a lot of joy, especially when lively discussions about the topic ensue after my talk.

Image by Deleece Cook
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