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Plastics in Aquatic Systems: from Transport and Fate to Impacts and Management Perspectives

I have the pleasure to be a guest editor for a Research Topic for Frontiers in Environmental Sciences together with Dr. Tanveer Adyel and Dr. Lingzhan Maio.

Our Research Topic seeks to collect and report state-of-the-art information on various aspects of the environmental fate, as well as the transport dynamics and impacts of all sorts of plastics including, but not limited to:

• Understanding the transport and fate of plastics (macro, meso, micro, or nano) in water compartments (e.g. wetlands, rivers, lakes, coastal systems, and oceans)

• Assessing the role of the environmental factors (biotic and abiotic) in plastic breakdown processes within aquatic ecosystems and wastewater.

• Investigating the fate, removal, and treatment of plastics in water and wastewater using nature-based solutions and advanced techniques.

• Investigating and modeling the interaction of plastics with sediment, other pollutants, vegetation, microbes, and biomolecules.

• Identifying ecological impacts of plastics in aquatic ecosystems

• Water-based plastic management from local to regional and international scales.

• Plastics as a stratigraphic indicator of the Anthropocene in lands, rivers, lakes, coasts, and oceans.

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