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Your Platform for Collaboration & Reproducibility

'The pressing problems of our time are not constrained by borders, so why should our research be? With, you can collaborate with scientists anywhere in the world in a whole new way: Share, discuss and work together on data and data analysis - across time zones and geographical borders.' 

As co-founder and scientific advisor of, I support the development of its vision and act as a direct link to the scientific community.

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Upload your data and start a new analysis in our fully reproducible environment in no time. After you upload a dataset, you can enter metadata, edit your data files and then start a new analysis with a simple click. Choose from our curated software environments in Python and R and begin your analysis with a ready Jupyter notebook.

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With the new Jupyter lab 3 you can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time. Change and run code in Jupyter notebooks simultaneously and accelerate your scientific output.

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All analyses and projects on Fastresearch are 100% reproducible. Try it out with our Get Started Project. Simply select an analysis and copy and execute. A perfect environment for your interactive publication!

This platform has been developed by the Comma Soft AG and is based on the platform FASTGenomics.

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